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Credit Card Debt

With credit cards, the deck is stacked against you. Learn how we can help.

Car Loans

Did the dealer dot all their i’s and cross their t’s? Learn how their mistakes can help your debt defense.

Student Loans

Your degree was supposed to help you attain a brighter future. Learn how we can help you make sure it does.

Debt Collection Lawsuits

Have you been sued for a debt? At Henderson Consumer Law we focus on defending people who have been sued for allegedly not paying a debt. We firmly believe that everyone should be able to be protected by the laws and started this law firm because we saw banks abusing the court system and using abusive collection agencies in order to get money they may not even be legally entitled to.

Even if you did owe someone some money, you might not owe them all the money they are asking for, or you may have defenses to owing them anything. If you are facing a debt collection lawsuit, we strongly encourage you to contact us for a free evaluation. If you do decide to retain us, we offer low cost flat fees.  We also often will take cases on contingently if there are debt collection violations.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is simply the settling of debts for generally less than what is owed, perhaps with a payment plan system.  Often, the debts are not being sued on and there are multiple creditors.

Occasionally consumers contact me to see if I help deal with debts that aren’t being sued on.  Henderson Consumer Law does help with debt issues when there is some violation of consumer laws but as a general matter doesn’t do debt settlement except as part of settling a lawsuit.

I strongly encourage anyone who is looking into debt settlement to be very, very careful.  Most businesses offering debt settlement do not provide good value to consumers given that many require high fees and rarely seem to get very good results. 


As San Diego-based debt defense lawyers, we provide debt defense as a flat fee. A flat fee means that no matter how long or short the case lasts, you pay us the same amount. Our flat fee doesn’t include any costs like court filing fees. With the standard hourly fee arrangement most attorneys charge, the costs can quickly be overwhelming. With our flat fee, you have the peace of mind knowing that you won’t owe us any more than the original fee, even if the case ends up taking a large amount of time and goes to trial. You might even get the flat fee refunded if we are able to win at trial.

We accept cash, checks and credit cards. Ironic, isn’t it?

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