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Henderson Consumer Law is a San Diego based law firm dedicated to helping people deal with debt collectors and banks. As defense attorneys for debt collection, we provide legal defense services if you are being sued for a debt and we also sue debt collectors, banks, and other businesses who violate your rights.

The firm was created because we were tired of seeing large, powerful organizations constantly mislead and abuse consumers in order to profit off of them. We know most people who owe debt have had to deal with issues like unemployment and medical emergencies. We also know that without help, it is hard for someone to get a fair deal out of banks and debt collectors.

Henderson Consumer Law is focused on serving the consumers of San Diego County along with consumers all over California.

Attorney Samuel Henderson

Samuel Henderson was born in Minnesota. He received a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from North Dakota State University. He attended William Mitchell College of Law on an academic scholarship and graduated cum laude. After moving to California, he passed the California bar in 2011. Samuel Henderson is the owner and founder of Henderson Consumer Law.

Samuel Henderson is a member of the San Diego County Bar Association and the National Association of Consumer Advocates.  He also works with the Legal Aid Society of San Diego in providing help to consumers who are being sued by debt buyers.

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